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Uncover The Brutally Effective NETGATE Software That "Average Joes and Janes" Are Using To Quickly and Easily Hide IP Addresses when Surfing Anonymously using a complex network of Secured Proxy/VPN Servers - With Little Or No I.T Knowledged needed!

Version 3.0 Just Released!

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Dear Anonymous Seeker,
It's become the 'secret weapon' of choice these days...
...And anyone can have it!
You see...what you're about to discover is far more than the latest software.
It's a piece of cutting edge technology powered by the cries of regular people just like you and me
who were sick and tired of being kicked around the Internet and dictated to for what you can and cannot view on the Internet
We say "big" because after we released this software to the world, a whole lot of things have changed on line because...

Big ISP (Internet service providers) Firms Have Lost Their Iron Grip!

They no longer control the masses - They no longer control YOU.
...Because this incredible software has empowered the average person, any person, including you...to take command and control of your internet security so YOU can view what you want, when you want to with just a few clicks of your mouse!

Introducing the VPN SOFTWARE NETGATE thatís taking on the ISP(Internet service providers) big boys

NetGate Service, Secured Proxy & VPN servers

What NetGate does for YOU!!

When you use Netgate's anonymous proxy network, your web activity and anonymity are secured. Our Anonymous Surfing program utilizes anonymous proxy servers, which hide your on line identity, IP address, web sites you visit, and any other information you transmit. Net Gate's anti spy ware solution and Anonymous Surfing start automatically when you start up your PC, run silently in the background, and do not slow down your Internet connection. Imagine this 'secret weapon' at your fingertips helping YOU stay completely anonymous so your free to view any web site in what ever country you are connected to for how ever long you want...


'Identity protection has become increasingly important. The FTC estimated that close to 10 million people in the US were victims of identity theft last year. Your personal information can be stolen through on line spying. In fact, 9 out of 10 computers are infected with spy ware, making it critical for people to use anti spy ware protection. While you are surfing the Internet, your surfing activity and your keystrokes can be monitored by spy ware. To prevent this kind of attack on your privacy, choose an anti spy ware solution that will provide identity protection'

4 Good Reasons Why Net Gate Version 3 should be your Personnel VPN of choice!

  • 100% Free! ( You get a free Prepaid Inter Card account upon registration )
  • 100% Prepaid! (There are no hidden charges of using the service you pay for what you use!
  • 100% Auto pilot! (Net Gate does all of the worrying for you and ensures your privacy and IP address remains hidden at all times)
  • 100% Hassle Reliable! ( We have a dedicated support team to assist you with any technical support that you need to get you up and running shortly)

8 Powerful Features Rolled Into ONE SERVICE!

We have put together a few Training Videos to show you some of the VERY powerful
features of NetGate and just how easy it is to get started....
"Keep track of your prepaid account ďKnow what you have been spending your hard earned money on!Ē
thenetgate video 2
"Quickly See Why itís so easy to add credit to your account And Even Better how You receive your free no risk trial With Anonymous Net Gate!"
thenetgate video 3
"Quick and simple to register and get your account number and password instantly to get your anonymous browsing started NOW!"
thenetgate video 4
"Quickly And Easily Download the Net Gate software in 5 minutes to start surfing Anonymously!"
thenetgate video 5
"Choose between Multiple Secured Proxy Servers, Your personnel VPN which will Hide IP Addresses. Use This Training Video To mask your IP address and prevent people using spy ware to interrogate your PC!"
thenetgate video 6
"Unblock All FUNCION - Unblock your favorite online websites which have been blocked by your ISP. Use SKYPE AND Call Serve to save a fortune on your phone bill!"
thenetgate video 7
"Loyalty Program - The More people You Get, The more benefits You'll Receive. Use This great feature to earn great rewards for your loyalty to Net Gate service!"
thenetgate video 8
Quite simply, no other application in the world compares to the power of this brand-new, cutting edge VPN software. And no other application in the world can guarantee YOU a # Total Anonymous experience!
What It Could Cost You If You Don't Get Anonymous Net Gate!
You've seen how easy Net Gate 3.0 works. You've seen first hand how easy and simple this service is to use. And you can see a ton of testimonials from recognized happy customers of the Net Gate service.
By now, you're probably wondering how much your investment in it is?
Well, think about this.
Let's say each week your spending $100 making international calls to your loved ones over seas because VoIP e.g. SKYPE, CALLSERVE, NET2PHONE are all deem suitable for on line censorship by your ISP and as a result are blocked.
What about the expense or heart ache of having your personnel details stolen from your home computer, because someone has tracked your IP address and then stolen your identity. FACT : Can you put a price on this!
Now consider this...
Because NetGate is, hands down, the most powerful VPN Anonymous software product on the market, it would be completely feasible to charge over $40 per month for this powerful product. Compare $40 to the $5600 per year you would have to fork over to your local ISP provider to use their phone service... At $40, that would be a complete steal.
But, we are going to do even better than that because we want to make NetGate affordable for the average web user. NetGate version 3.0 are yours forever with a free download software followed by a $20 for a prepaid Inter Card.
Remember, you only pay for what you use with our Prepaid card Technology
Right now, you're just a couple of clicks away from having a simple, easy to use software program that'll allow your full access to the World Wide Web and save you a fortune
TheNetGate TEAM

P.S. #1: †Try this service for free and when your completely comfortable A measly one time only investment ends all your on line frustration, saves you a fortune, allows you to view what you want when you want to and increases bank balance without having to spend an additional red dime AND increases your free time! You've viewed the training video and seen for your self the power of the Net Gate. I think you'll agree, this could possibly be the best investment you'll ever make

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